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I honestly don't know where we would be without Christine. Her knowledge and understanding of our son's issues along with her patience and guidance unlocked the world our son was trapped in. He went from a desperately frustrated and angry two year old whose only way of communicating was to act out physically to a now completely verbal and thriving kindergartener. She worked diligently with our family to figure out what was preventing him from being able to speak and she figured out how to fix it. To hear our son speak today you would not know that he suffers from any developmental delay or articulation disorder. Christine helped to open up his world and she has truly changed our lives! We are so very grateful and we absolutely love her! 
Stamford, CT

Christine came into our lives and turned our world around in a way we didn't know possible. After struggling to find a speech therapist who connected with our son, Christine was recommended to us and immediately proved she was what we had been searching for. As soon as our first session, I could see Christine was passionate about helping children. She was patient, understanding and thoughtful. She didn't waste time with an abundance of paperwork and testing; instead she came in and got to work with our son. Only he didn't know it was work! Christine made every session such fun for him, which proved to return incredible results. In just weeks, he was talking to us so much more than ever. Christine gave us the tools to continue encouraging him in our everyday routine. And when she'd meet with us, she continually built on the skills he was learning. Christine gave my son the confidence he needed to really communicate with us, his family, as well as his teachers and peers. As the months went on, she would help him fine tune his speech, working on dictation, vocabulary and sentence structure. He's now speaking at the same level as other children his age and has the confidence he clearly needed to fully engage with his peers. I can't recommend Christine enough. She is professional, engaging, kind, creative and wonderful with children. She was always on time for our appointments, understanding about occasional changes in our schedule, and simply a pleasure to work with.
Darien, CT

Christine is a wonderful and caring speech language pathologist who is well versed in her field. She is thoughtful in her approach towards children and knows how to make therapy fun and playful. In my 2-1/2 years working with Christine, she has been the consummate professional. In addition to her therapy sessions, Mrs. Bryant has also advised our family regarding evaluations, school assessments and conferencing.
I'm grateful to report that we only need to consult with her for minor speech issues now, as our son is almost fully caught up to his peers. It will be a bittersweet day when he no longer requires her services, as Christine has become part of our family.

New Canaan, CT

My daughter received speech services with Christine for two years. She was only able to say a few words and was unable to communicate her needs which led to frustration on all ends. After working with Christine for a year we noticed a great improvement in our daughter's vocabulary and her ability to communicate. Christine also worked on her socialization skills, which helped her to interact with her peers better and develop new friendships; this is something she was never able to do. We will always be grateful for everything Christine has done to help our daughter and our family.
Redding, CT

My daughter was 20 months old with the speech level of a 9 month old when Christine started working with us. Within a month of speech pathology sessions we saw a big improvement in her verbal skills and by the time a year rolled around she was speaking in full sentences and communicating very clearly. Christine visited us once every week and during those visits she provided us with the tools to help our daughter with her speech and language issues. We highly recommend Christine's services. 
Trumbull, CT

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